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Company profile

Plettac Systems Ltd. is a traditional distributor of video surveillance technology and video surveillance components. We can offer to our customers technologies and services which covers all phases of the successful deployment of video surveillance technology into practice.

Plettac Systems – partner you can count on

The company is divided into two main divisions:

  • Supply of commercial video surveillance systems division
  • Supply of special video surveillance systems division


Our company has been operating on the European Union market for more than 20 years. It was founded in 1993 as a subsidiary of German video surveillance technology manufacturer GRUNDIG Electronic GmbH for a Slovak market. In 2004, after changes in the parent company in Germany, we were able to take our own independent steps and we renamed our company to Plettac Security Ltd., later to Plettac Systems Ltd.

Technology portfolio

Tight and professional cooperation with several world-class manufactures and distributors of video surveillance technologies allows us to offer and advanced video surveillance solutions tailored to customers’ exact needs. Our common goal is to meet the most demanding criteria for quality and reliability. Our strong portfolio includes the following brands:

Commercial video surveillance systems:

Special video surveillance systems:


We offer to our customers following solutions:

  • solutions for trade & services
  • solutions for transport & logistic services
  • solutions for banking & financial institutions
  • solutions for schools
  • solutions for hotels
  • solutions for transportation (motorways, tunnels, airports)
  • solutions for nuclear power industry
  • solutions for oil, gas and chemical industry
  • solutions for army and police
  • thermal cameras and systems

We offer also special video surveillance systems that can operate in highly exposed environments

  • application in radiation environments
  • application in hazardous areas
  • application at high temperatures (up to 2000 °C)

Our services

We are able to offer our customers a wide spectrum of our services:

  • Technical assessment of customer requirements
  • Specification of critical components
  • Development of functional system connection scheme
  • Delivery of video surveillance components
  • Technical support in the installation phase
  • Participation in commissioning and final system adjustment
  • Warranty and post-warranty service

Extensive experiences of our employees are a guarantee of success

The high level of our know-how, years of experience and specialization of our employees can guarantee quality of technical design and advanced solutions. Video surveillance systems offered by our company will guarantee their smooth and efficient use in practice.

Company mission

Our main mission is to provide customers comprehensive services and innovative solutions in order to achieve their maximum satisfaction.

We are a distributor of high quality brands

  • GeoVision
  • Eneo
  • FLIR
  • JVC
  • Funkwerk
  • Ahlberg Electronics
  • 1
  • 2

Plettac Systems

The company Plettac Systems is a traditional distributor of camera technology and camera components. We offer to our customers technologies and services, which covering all phases of the successful deployment of CCTV technology into practice.


 Jánoškova 1545, Dolný Kubín, Slovakia
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 +421 43 3211 441
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