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Funkwerk Video Systeme GmbH

The company Funkwerk Video Systeme GmbH is a German manufacturer of camera systems with over 50 years experience. The company offers a wide range of cameras and camera control systems of excellence that ensure monitoring of many significant objects around the world.

Funkwerk Video Systeme GmbH offers solutions mainly for the transport infrastructure such as motorway, tunnels, airports and railways.

Funkwerk SNK GLOBE

Funkwerk Platon

Funkwerk Varispot

Funkwerk Monitor

Funkwerk VNS

Funkwerk LE

We are a distributor of high quality brands

  • GeoVision
  • Eneo
  • FLIR
  • JVC
  • Funkwerk
  • Ahlberg Electronics
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  • 2

Plettac Systems

The company Plettac Systems is a traditional distributor of camera technology and camera components. We offer to our customers technologies and services, which covering all phases of the successful deployment of CCTV technology into practice.


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